As a new parent, it’s hard. You’re up at night. You’re exhausted. You live on coffee to make it through the day so you can be up all night again. You know when the milkman comes, the paper’s delivered, and when your 80-year-old neighbor starts to work on his model trains.

We’ve got you covered. Here’s the best up-all-night survival kit from our fabulous friends at WeeSpring, the experts in baby products. And, if your little one manages to resist the irresistible Cloud B Sheep, get a sitter and take a nap.

Here’s what you’ll need to survive your new baby’s sleep habits:

Happiest Baby on the Block DVD, because Harvey Karp is pretty much a genius

Velcro Swaddles, because babies can be little Houdinis

Wubbanub (the Happiest Baby explains why)

Cloud B Sleep Sheep, because white noise (at a reasonable volume) can make a world of difference

Fisher-Price Rock N Play, because some babies just need movement

Dropcam, so you can see what’s going on without opening the door

Magic Merlin’s Sleepsuit, which looks kooky but parents swear by it

Zen Swaddle, a new product that mimics touch (we featured it in weeLove)

aden + anais swaddles, the most popular product on weeSpring

And, if you need more expert advice on the best gear to feed, clothe, and transport your little bundle of joy, check out WeeSpring‘s awesome baby gear guides.

Have fun, new parents! It’s only another 18 years before you’ll be able to sleep through the night again. 🙂