Dads, we know that you get just as stressed out from parenting, and the general rollercoaster that is life, as anybody else. You deserve some quality time with your buddies too! While meeting said buddies at your favorite watering hole is a legitimate choice, why not make your next Guys Night Out a bit more…epic?

Up your Guys Night Out with a concert and you and your boys will have some good times that will be talked about for years to come! Here is what you’ll need:


  • You and at least 2-3 (if not more) friends
  • Live Music
  • Childcare
  • Drinks
  • A Car & Driver (or Uber)
  • A Smartphone


  1. Let your friends know what you are planning. I’m sure they will be down.
  2. Make your live music selection. This, of course, requires a bit of research unless you are plugged in to the live music scene. Get online and check out the local venues to come up with some options. Jambase is a great site to find some music.  The best part about this step is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on tickets (unless you want to)! Instead of going to see that huge headliner that is touring for the first time in a decade for the ‘last tour of their career”, why not check out a cover band that plays “your kind of music”? Or, opt for hitting up a couple of bars that offer live music, with a low cover charge, and seeing a variety of music on your night out? The point is, you don’t have to go overboard on the cost of tickets, and you can still catch some great music while getting out with the guys.
  3. Childcare. Another one that’s pretty self-explanatory. Simple coordination with your wifey, husband, babe, partner, babysitter, etc. Make sure your offspring are not running free like Rolling Stones, while you and your Motley Crue are out and about on the town No Doubt having a good time! (Ha! Wasn’t that some clever copy?)
  4. Drinks. If you have been to any kind of music event, especially at bigger venues, you know how expensive drinks can be. Save a bit by hitting up your favorite local beverage and spirits store before the big night out. Splurge on a bottle of the “good stuff” – something that you and the boys like to drink on occasion. Drag out one of those flasks that you received from one of the various weddings you’ve been in. You know you have at least one! Go ahead and put it to use – finally!
  5. Pool your resources and get yourselves a car and driver. You have lots of options when it comes to this step. You guys can Uber it, Lyft it, taxi it, bus it. Feeling really rich? Order a limo for the night or just to pick you up at the end of the night. You’ll feel like you and your Entourage have a bit of VIP status.Whatever you decide, I do recommend scheduling a means of getting home before you head out for the night, just to make sure you are covered when it’s time call it for the evening. This isn’t just for the sake of getting everyone home safely at the end of the night. It’s also a great way for you to sit back and chill and enjoy being the one shuttled around for a change. Sit back and enjoy the ride!
  6. Don’t forget the photos! Photographic evidence is a must for an epic time with your friends. Go ahead. Brag on Facebook. Without visual proof, who will believe the adventures that occurred? Just leave the selfie stick at home- don’t be “that guy”.

You might also want to include having a couple glasses of water and taking some aspirin, Tylenol, or ibuprofen when you get home. It could help with things in morning. Let’s face it, we aren’t as young as we once were. It’s highly likely you will have to deal with your children in the morning.

You are now ready for your next Guys Night Out- Concert Night! Go ahead, get out more!