As a babysitter, you have two ways to find new babysitting jobs: find babysitting jobs through friends or find families near you.

If you’re connected to families or friends who babysit, then families they know can find your profile and vice versa. You can check out their profiles and see if you like any of them. If you do, introduce yourself!  Learn more about Finding Babysitting Jobs Through Friends.

If you’re not connected to any families or friends, then you can find families near you!  It’s different than or other services in several ways:

  1. It’s affordable for both the parent and the sitter.
  2. Your profile is never available to the general public. It’s only available to families who are also on Sitter and are looking for babysitters in your area. You define your area. So, if you only want to be discovered by families within a 1-mile radius, great! Set your radius to 1-mile. If you are comfortable working jobs further from home, then set your radius to something larger.
  3. A family will never see your contact information unless you accept a connection request. We use in-app chat so you can’t get spam or unsolicited inquiries. A family (or you) can start an in-app chat and communicate through the app until you feel comfortable with them. Then, you can either send them a connection request or accept one from them.
  4. We don’t ask you for your entire life history for your profile. We only ask for a few simple things. The rest of the information you’ll share with the family as they ask you questions when you chat.
  5. Parents are required to fill out a profile as well so when you’re contacted by a family, you’ll have some basic information about them.
  6. At any time, you can turn off your profile and just work the jobs for the families you’re connected to.