Sitter 2.0 Lets You Find Babysitters or Babysitting Jobs in Your Neighborhood

Sitter 2.0 is here and it’s awesome. This is the release many of you’ve been waiting for.



New to the area, don’t know any sitters or families, and you want to meet new people in your neighborhood? Now you can! You don’t have to, but you can! You can now find babysitters or families near you that are outside of your network.

Complete your profile, tell us large your community is, and then search for other users in your neighborhood. You can chat with them securely through the app and once you’re ready, invite them to join your private network. Or not. It’s your call.

Traveling and temporarily need a sitter in a new area? You can search for others near your current location in addition to your primary address.

Learn more about Finding Sitters in Your Neighborhood or Finding Families in Your Neighborhood.



We have beefed up our profiles too! Now see what qualifications a sitter has and what a family is looking for in a sitter.

Not only that but families can include critical information their sitter needs to make sure the night runs smoothly. Forget about the sticky notes. Don’t worry about the babysitter forgetting what you told them. Now you can include emergency contacts, allergies, bedtime routines, and other notes in your profile so your trusted sitters can see! And, it’s ONLY shown to your trusted sitters who babysit for you.

Learn more about Setting Up Your Family Profile.



Did we mention the in-app chat? That’s a big one. Now, whenever you want to connect with someone in the app you can have a full-blown conversation before making the commitment to include them in your sitter or family list. Ask them questions, set up a time to meet for an interview, whatever you need to do to feel comfortable with the person before sending them a connection request or sharing your contact info.

Learn more about Chat


  • Don’t know your sitter’s/family’s last name but want to add them as a connection? Cool, we’ll let you do that now.
  • When inviting users from your phone’s contacts we’ll now put your contacts who already use Sitter at the top of the list.
  • As always, a ton of miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

Plus, we’ve made it look prettier. Don’t you want a pretty app? We do.

We’d love to know what you think! Tell us! Your feedback makes our day! We have much more in store for you. This is just the tip of the iceberg so stay with us as we build you the most amazing babysitting solution you’ve ever seen. 🙂